Our Story

After traveling for years throughout the Peruvian Amazon, creating sustainable social and agro-industrial projects through our NGO roots, led us to where we are today. In September 2016 we created Amazon Specialties as the culmination to our great dream of sharing with the world the immense nutritional diversity of Peruvian Superfoods, while simultaneously having a positive social and environmental effect.

Founded by Peruvians and for Peruvians, we began to grow specializing in the development of processes for specialty cacaos, working hand in hand with many cooperatives and farmers, providing added value to our products. At the end of 2017 we had already implemented collection centers with our partners in the field and a warehouse in Tarapoto. In February 2018 we built our processing plant in Lima to enable the last process to our Superfood products with the highest quality standards.

Today Amazon Specialties works with more than 4500 farmers in all regions of our Peruvian coast, Andes and Amazon. Always focused on developing organic processes to maximize the quality of our products and sustainability of our jungle and andean environments. We work with our partners in order to create a sustainable business that generates decent employment through the cultivation of peaceful products, with incomparable nutritional properties and flavour, while bringing back a natural homeostasis to the our andean and jungle environments.


“We are a Peruvian company committed to the organic production of high quality, sustainable and fairly traded Amazonian and Andean products.


“To be the Peruvian leader in sustainable development and fair trade, through the export of organic Amazonian and Andean  products of the highest quality.”